निजी पावर | Nizi Router Backup 12V / 8800 mAh Universal Powerbank

रू 3,500

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Product details

● Model: 12V

● Backup Capacity: 6-8 Hours

● Capacity: 29.6Wh/8800mAh

● Input voltage: 12V

● Output voltage: 12V DC and 5V USB

● Max Output current: 2.4 A

● Working temperature : -20°C -65°C


NIZI Power 12V is designed to provide backup power to electronic devices during power

outages. This ups can also be used for :

● Routers and Network Equipment

● Cameras and CCTV Systems

● Mobile Phones, Tablet, etc.

● Door control systems

● Attendance systems

● Security systems

● And other 12V or 5V equipment with 2A max current.


12 Months